Airborne Microwave Communications Controller
SkyLink C100

Map-Based Payload and Data Link Controller

The C100 is an airborne controller that operates SkyLink Antenna Systems and related equipment.  The five-inch, panel-mounted unit has a built-in touchscreen monitor and a graphical user interface (GUI). From the C100's interface the user can configure and control the entire system.  In addition to operating Troll's SkyLink antennas, it manages power, microwave radios, video, audio, mapping, test and way-point selection.

The C100 is a comprehensive RF system controller distilled into a small, easy to use control system. It can be used to operate and manage:

  • Microwave radios
  • Antenna monitoring and control
  • Power monitoring
  • Video control and monitoring
  • Audio control and monitoring
  • Asset monitoring
  • Map system
  • Waypoint creation and selection