GPS Telemetry, Diversity and Spectrum Tracking Ground Antennas for Permanent and Tactical Antenna Installations

Bidirectional / Unidirectional Long-Range Data Links 300 MHz to 18 GHz

Troll's Antenna Systems:

Troll’s directional ground antennas maximize data link range and overall performance. Used to support air-to-ground, high-speed video and IP networks, Troll’s ground antennas provide high-gain signal tracking to extend range and improve accuracy. Troll’s ST series of spectrum tracking antennas can also auto-acquire your signal and maintain lock even if airborne and/or ground assets are moving rapidly. 

  • Improve the range of an existing data Link
  • Are radio-agnostic
  • Provide autonomous RF tracking in azimuth and elevation
  • Provide telemetry tracking (KLV601/Rover/NMEA)
  • Operate in UHF, L, S, C, X and Ku bands
  • Offer single, dual, tri and quad-band versions
  • Are fully self-contained
  • Truncated Parabolic design minimizes feed blockage to increase range
  • Feature built-in GPS and magnetometer
  • Support universal power 110/220 AC and 24 DC
  • Feature intuitive GUIs
  • Are capable of handling high-transmit power
  • Can be vertical, horizontal, RHC, LHC polarized