SkyLink Auto-Tracking Air-to-Ground Ethernet Data Links

Troll Systems is a leading manufacturer of auto-tracking antennas, air-to-ground Ethernet data links, diversity receive systems, command and control, airborne and ground data terminals commonly used for:

Military ISR • Airborne Law Enforcement • Public Safety • Search and Rescue (SAR) • Commercial Broadcasting • Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs) • Situational Awareness • Persistent Surveillance Systems  

SkyLink IP - Air-to-Ground Ethernet Data Links

For more than twenty years Troll Systems has been developing SkyLink directional antennas and microwave controllers for high-bit-rate, air-to-ground communications. Troll's SkyLink HD, SkyLink MINI and new Network LinkBox are all considered "best-of-breed" long-range data link solutions. Troll's airborne and ground transmit and receive systems are once again at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of SkyLink IP.  A secure approach that is designed to deliver air-to-ground and onboard aircraft IP networking. SkyLink IP allows authorized users to decrypt real-time ISR video, audio and data through permanent, local or ad hoc wireless networks or to managed users via the cloud. SkyLink IP is a solution that ensures maximum interoperability while minimizing the cost and complexity of linking airborne and ground assets over a wide area.

The success of SkyLink IP is based on Troll's auto-tracking antennas and transmission systems that are capable of connecting airborne and ground assets over encrypted uni-directional or bidirectional Ethernet data links.

ISO 9001:2008 and MIL-STD Manufacturing

On the ground, Troll's ultra-high-gain tracking antennas and diversity systems maximize range and throughput. Troll's diversity receivers enable network servers to connect and control a seemingly infinite number of mission assets.

These systems can be configured to support a variety of radio waveforms: DVB-T COFDM, MIMO, ISDB-T, TDMA and CTDLs that can all benefit from SkyLink IP's increased range, simplified operation and secure data encryption.

The Ethernet radios, for example, provide long-range bidirectional IP links in a single-frequency band. This eliminates the need for unique transmit and receive frequencies typical of other radio solutions. These IP data links are built around Troll's dual-polarized MINI II, or dual-polarized omni antennas which support two orthogonal signal transport streams. This redundancy makes it possible to double bit-rate or increase range in full-duplex mode.

On-Demand Video to Mobile Smart Devices 

Similarly, all of Troll's SkyLink IP air-to-ground data links support IP video and data that is controlled, managed and connected to customers via Ethernet. 

Using Ethernet helps to minimize the cost and complexity of air-to-ground and onboard networking enabling customers to rapidly adapt tactical communications systems to meet current and future operational needs. This Ethernet advantage also simplifies security, control, data and user management, while providing a seamless means to distribute content to mobile or network devices over customer specified networks and the cloud.