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Airborne and Ground Tracking Antenna Systems - Secure IP Video and Data to Smart Devices

The Advantages of Real-Time Video and Data Transmission

Airborne ISR sensor suites are capable of generating massive amounts of real-time data. Today many systems attempt to use DVRs for onboard data storage, opting to exploit when the mission lands. These systems are regularly exposed to harsh airborne environments, extreme temperature, shock and vibration that require these systems to rely on expensive and redundant memory modules. Costs aside, these systems lack immediacy and are unable to enhance mission outcomes as they are unfolding. Troll's, real-time aerial surveillance platforms can continuously transmit secure, high-bit-rate, HD video and data to nodes as simple as hand-held smart devices.

IP networked command and control

Mobile command centers, tactical personnel and commanders anywhere on the network can access airborne sensor data in a matter of milliseconds. These systems can be configured to accept bidirectional Ethernet data to a rate of up to fifty megabits per second over your entire operational area. It’s enough throughput to transmit high-resolution, encrypted EO/IR video, multi-stream computer files, GPS and meta-data in real-time. Simple to operate, Troll IP transcoding and transport streams automatically optimize data into a variety of conventional or user specified formats. This real-time video and data guarantees immediacy and enables commanders to provide actionable intelligence to the lowest tactical level.

These pre-programmed processes ensure:

SkyLink IP
  • Timely decision making
  • Improved ISR outcomes
  • Reduced mission costs
  • Automatic HD video and data back-ups to low cost ground-based storage for future exploitation.