Troll introduces SkyLink Mini II, a lightweight, dual-polarized, high-gain tracking antenna for airborne and ground applications.

Troll introduces the Data and Video IP Encapsulator, an air-to-ground bidirectional controller.

Troll introduces MIMO for bidirectional, airborne video and data in a single channel.

Troll Releases Ultra-Low Latency MPEG-4 encoder and decoder pair with less than 10 ms. of latency.

Troll introduces MPEG ZERO - Ultra Low Latency MPEG- 2 encoders and decoders for real-time video downlinks.

Troll Systems files for patents on Directional Diversity ground receive stations and begins to introduce state-of-the-art tactical microwave systems to manned and unmanned military programs. Broadcasters and law enforcement agencies worldwide also begin adopting these more robust diversity antenna solutions. By the end of 2008 Troll Systems had manufactured, installed and upgraded over 2,500 ground control systems and equipped over 90% of the broadcast news helicopters in the US.

Cellular telephone giant, Sprint, purchases Nextel Communications. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) modifies rules for commercial broadcasters forcing them to transmit in digital formats to limit bandwidth consumption.  This creates a nationwide demand for Troll Systems’ airborne and ground microwave equipment and expertise.

A group of Troll employees, who were instrumental in developing and supporting Troll based equipment, purchased the Troll brand from L3 / Wescam and established Troll Systems Corporation.

Troll Systems is incorporated in the State of California.

Wescam is purchased by L3 communications

Troll Technology is sold to Wescam, Inc. Troll / Wescam continued to manufacture SkyPod and TouchStar for the commercial broadcast ENG and Airborne Law Enforcement markets. Many of these digital microwave systems still operate today and help build Troll’s formidable reputation for exceptional product performance 24/7/365.

Troll launched the TouchStar™ line of ground-based control systems. The introduction of ground-based microwave receive sites revolutionized the ENG market and made the delivery of live broadcast news easier to put on the air. Many of those original control systems were still in operation nearly two decades after installation.

Troll Technology Introduces SkyPod directional airborne antennas. Used primarily by commercial broadcasters and law enforcement, these systems made real-time air-to-ground transmission of video possible.