MIMO Tracking Antennas 2x2, 2x4 and 4x4 Configurations

Dual-Polarized Ground and Airborne Antennas Capable of Supporting Bidirectional Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) IP Video and Data Systems

Troll’s A60 provides a pair of azimuth and elevation steered high-gain diversity antennas for fast moving ground operations. Designed into a the rugged, aircraft tested SkyLink HD housing the A60 combines a pair of matched antennas single, dual polarized or dual-band directional antennas to increase range, improve signal robustness and tracking accuracy.

Originally built to support multi-frequency, dual-polarized antennas and multiple input / multiple output MIMO radios, the A60 made it possible to support long-range, air-to-ground Wi-Fi transmissions. Today variants of the A60 provide patented signal tracking, optional antenna types that can be further enhanced by the A60’s spatially diverse antenna configurations.

A60 antennas provide support for a variety of radio technologies, and in many instances transmitter and receivers can be incorporated within the radom for easy installation and maintenance.

Automatic Tracking

In congested radio frequency environments like cities or missions where signal jammers pose a risk, Troll’s A60 systems responds by directing radio frequency signals in narrow high-energy beams to minimize the effects of RF interference.

Ruggedized multi-input antenna and Ethernet data link controller
  • Automated Signal Locating and Asset Tracking
  • Bidirectional Communications
  • L band to Ka band (1.5 GHz to 18 GHz)
  • Secure Wireless Video and Data 264 Bit Data Encryption
  • Easy to Deploy IP Networks
  • GPS Auto-Positioning and Locating
  • Suitable for ground vehicle applications