Wireless Broadband Data Links for Bidirectional Communication Between Helicopters, Ground Stations, Other Aircraft, Ground or Marine Vehicles

How to Future-Proof Mission Aircraft
Troll's wireless transmitter or transceivers are available in frequencies from UHF to Ku, certifications DO-160 and FCC*

Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver for Airborne Operations

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Ethernet Output
Troll Systems’ Network LinkBox simplifies the control and management of IP mission payloads, cameras, antennas, encoding, decoding, encryption, reception, and transmission. The LinkBox is compatible with leading mapping interfaces and provides full network bridging between air and ground nodes. This support for bidirectional, airborne networking enables an interoperable environment across multiple frequency bands with Ethernet as the common denominator.

Troll’s Network LinkBox supports long-range and tactical data links in DVB-T, MIMO, CTDLs, cellular and standard communication protocols. The LinkBox is designed to facilitate the rapid integration of third-party equipment, ensuring that users can easily adapt their aircraft to meet current and future operational needs. Its built-in, multi-port Ethernet switch and router provide a seamless connection to cameras, mapping systems, tracking antennas and other specialized sensors and equipment. Ethernet further simplifies security, control, and data management, while providing a means to distribute encrypted content to mobile or networked devices over customer specified networks, cellular or cloud-based internet infrastructure.

Troll’s Network LinkBox can support any video input, including multiple video streams from onboard cameras, sensors and mapping systems. Live video capture can be displayed on the LinkBox touchscreen monitor or external monitor via HDMI and composite video. Radio options are flexible and can be configured for each application. Audio is supported in both analog and embedded modes, and data may be sent over serial or native IP links. Bidirectional options are available to support full network bridging, routing, and connection to and from the aircraft.

*Not all frequencies available have been tested by the FCC.