Outdoor HD Camera Systems for Remote Controlled Broadcast

The TrollCam HD is a state-of-the-art camera enclosure designed to provide year- round, 24 hour operation in almost any environmental condition. It employs a NEMA-4 rated environmentally-shielded camera chamber that protects the camera, lens and all internal components. This award winning camera housing system utilizes a built-in heater, heat exchanger, fan and an air circulation system within the sealed enclosure to retain a particle-free internal environment.

Additionally, the system includes Troll System's unique AIRJET technology (patent pending) to eliminate debris and other matter from the enclosure lens that cause visual obstructions for the camera lens and also mitigates the effects of extreme weather conditions making this HD camera system virtually maintenance free. An optional "arctic kit" is available when further protection is desired. The design of the TrollCamâ„¢ HD allows for installation on an industry-standard pipe mount.

The system can be controlled using our intuitive Touchstar software, or our innovative TCC500 remote HD camera controller system over ethernet or fiber.

Military Ordinance Testing with 3G-Remote Controlled Outdoor HD Camera System - 1080p at 60 fps

Troll Systems is a designer of premiere remote controlled, outdoor HD camera systems for commercial broadcast production, proprietary surveillance and specialized military projects. Our expertise ranges from the manufacturing of state-of-the-art weather-proof enclosures, high- bandwidth wireless and fiber backhauls to the smooth on-air quality remote control for third-party cameras, lenses and PTZs.

Our most recent project incorporated a dual-channel 3G camera producing a 1080P image at 60 frames per second. The lens for the system is capable of close-up imaging to a distance of over forty miles. The remote control and operational package for this system included precision PTZs, recording, metadata, and 1080P/60fps video with playback and routing availability in any video format compressed or uncompressed.

The integration, processing, switching, monitoring and multi-format video streaming was the first of its kind for a dual-channel, 3 gigabit per second, remote controlled video camera system. It personifies Troll’s ability to adapt its hardware and software to meet any challenge on the cutting edge of remote controlled video systems.