Multi-Camera Remote Camera Controller

Remote Control: Stabilized Airborne and Ground Cameras, PTZs, Video and Data IP Network Routing

The Troll TCC500A is a fully integrated, multi-camera control console that is com- patible with PTZ cameras and remote controllable HD or SD cameras from leading camera manufacturers. Fully programmable, the TCC500 provides smooth on-air quality pan, tilt and zoom functions from any remote location. The standard TCC500 supports four cameras but can accommodate as many cameras as required. The console features a real-time video display, built-in presets and easy to program camera and lens moves. Its intuitive touch screen GUI is simple to use but provides comprehensive controls of camera and recording functions.
Suitable for stabilized camera control for manned or unmanned land, sea and airborne vehicles, commercial broadcasts and Live ON-AIR events.

  • Control multiple cameras
  • Control all camera functions including: white balance, paint box, zoom, focus, gain, black level, shutter, filters
  • Control PAN / TILT / ZOOM (PTZ)