Ultra-Linear RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication

Troll Systems’ GaN galium nitride devices produce highly efficient and ultra-linear results over wide operational bandwidths

Troll Wireless designs and manufactures high linearity, ultra efficient microwave power amplifiers to support digital video and data communications networks. We have a proven track record for delivering enabling linearization technology that minimizes distortion and provides superior signal quality for complex multi-carrier modulations, while minimizing DC power consumption, weight and heat.

Troll's product line incorporates leading-edge GaN chip technology to enable increased transmission range, improved performance and reliability.

Best-in-class linear power amplifiers, and unique customization capabilities to support:

  • Mobile Wireless Communications
  • Wireless Surveillance
  • Broadcast (HD and SD)
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
  • First Responders, Law Enforcement & Homeland Security
  • Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles