Linear RF Power Amplifier 5.80 GHz - 5.95 GHz

6 Watt Output (linear average)

Parameter Specification
P1dB +38dBm typ, 8MHz COFDM
ACPR -30dBc typ, 8MHz COFDM
EVM 3% typ, 8MHz COFDM
Gain 18dB typ (factory adjustable)
+/-2dB over conditions
Gain Flatness +/-1dB max
Input Power +20dBm typ +3dB overdrive capability
Operating Bandwidth Up to 200MHz instantaneous bandwidth
Non-Harmonic > 60dBc typ
Spurious Rejection  
I/O Impedance 50Ω, >10dB return loss
Supply Voltage 12-30VDC at connector
Power Consumption 75W (typical) 80W max
Protection Capabilities Short and open circuit
Reverse voltage
Low output power warning
Connectors RF: SMA-F standard
DC: Amphenol PTO, 4-pin
Fan: Hirose 4-pin
Operating Temperature -15 to +65C, baseplate
Mechanical Dimensions 5.3 x 3.5 x 1.23 amp
5.3 x 3.5 x 2.5 with heatsink

Typical Features

  • Designed for Digital Modulation COFDM, QPSK, QAM, CW
  • Ultra-Linear or Saturated Operation
  • High Efficiency for low DC power consumption and low heat generation
  • Operating Gain up to 24dB (Factory Set)
  • Open and Short Protection on RF Ports
  • 12-30VDC Power Supply Range
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • RF Mute Control
  • Low Output Power Warning Signal
  • Digitally Controlled Standby Mode
  • Status Indicator LIst (green/red)
  • Rugged Packaging

Typical Options

  • Integrated Heat Sink and Fan
  • RF Output Automatic Level Control
  • Water Resistant, Sealed Enclosure
  • Type N or TNC RF connectors DB-9 for DC
  • Custom Feed Lines and other Accessories