Tactical Data Link Controllers

Troll’s ground-based mission controllers simplify complex, multi-function requirements by combining antenna, mapping, sensor payload and radio control with secure IP data and video content management

Troll Systems' suitcase series of portable microwave ground-stations can be configured as complete bidirectional transmit and receive data centers. These portable systems are capable of supporting multi-band diversity antennas, encoding, decoding and encryption of high-bit-rate, air-to-ground video and data in real-time.

Easy to set-up and operate, Troll’s mobile and portable ground-sites are perfect for operations on-the-go. Each enclosure is self-contained and has power and connections for virtually any transmission you need to track up to 150 nmi. (315km 200mi)

Troll Systems' ground sites can be designed to adapt to any radio waveform. And, Troll’s unique tracking mythologies can allow for auto-acquisition, automated signal tracking and improved spectrum utilization.

Our simple, intuitive software
allows the user to monitor and display of input levels, SNR, modulation and spectrum analysis of the incoming signals across multiple channels for all incoming signals.

Built-in HD monitoring
makes it easy to view video, data files and spectrum availability while built-in multi-format transcoding provides support for IP streaming to external devices.

AES encryption
decryption, real-time encoding, decoding and a wide array of video input / output options make the suitcase series ideal for air-to-ground communications and payload operation. Each system includes the required components, converters, filters, decoders and portable antennas, all with the capability to operate on 12 VDC batteries or universal AC power from an external source. 

  • Automatic antenna tracking on land, sea and airborne vehicle platforms
  • Network management with integrated routers
  • KLV meta-data insertion / extraction / processing
  • Integrated video encoding / encryption / enhancing
  • Integrated DVR video recording functions
  • Video annotation with geo-locating functions
  • Image fusion and PIP (Picture-In-Picture)
  • Integrated power management for all sub-systems
  • Built-in-test
  • Intuitive touch interface
  • Hardened Windows OS
  • Wi-Fi Rebroadcasting