SkyLink Video and Ethernet Data Link Networking

troll cloud video streamer server diagram

Secure access to airborne sensor data - in real-time - to smart devices

Troll air-to-ground video and data networks

  • On-demand surveillance video in real-time
  • Advanced encryption and access management tools
  • Secure air-to-ground video and data over the internet
  • Cross browser tested and smart device optimized

Self-optimizing and easy to manage

  • Totally secure network traffic using certificates and SSL encryption
  • Create access groups offering complete control over who sees what video and when, months in advance if necessary
  • Keep track of all logins, activity, and attempts at access
  • Mobile devices such as smart phones receive video at 160p, tablets and computers receive video at 360p for optimal network performance with large numbers of users
  • Option to record video streams and playback both live and prerecorded streams using DVR controls
  • Several different configurations available - Local network access only, local and wide area network access to internal server, local network access to internal server and wide area network access to cloud server, hosted entirely via the cloud.
  • Multiplatform multi-browser support
  • Adaptive bitrate video streaming technology - continuously get the best quality and best performance based on available bandwidth

Interoperable and secure solution

  • Video streaming works over all connection types - LAN, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc...
  • Ultra Low delay - users see what the aircrafts see in almost real time
  • Packet diversity - use multiple sites and multiple receivers to provide the most robust signal possible, turning each emitter into a highly reliable source
  • RF diversity - automatically detects where the best signal is being received and combines it with other sources to increase reliability
  • Use set top boxes for high resolution video displayed on large HD monitors
  • Supports virtually any number of users and devices required
  • Worldwide access - view the video locally while another users see the same stream on the other side of the globe